Market Research, Strategic & Business Planning

We undertake in-depth surveys of the health market to evaluate competitive facilities by identifying and analyzing the target population. We also describe current peculiarity of medical practices related to its usage. We carry out result oriented demand and need analysis to provide with authentic statistical survey of various target groups, taking into account their attitudes and requirements.

Strategic Planning

We create strategies for sound organizational persistence that will give an encouragement to corporate growth and development, keeping pace with rapid evolution of the healthcare industry.

Business Planning

Based upon market research and our practical experience, we recommend business plan with medical specialties and services to enrich products, to increase returns as well as to match the demand of community. Considering various aspects we suggest service mix pattern, bed-mix, bed size and other inter-related parameters, which ultimately accelerate the generation of revenue. We also develop the strategy for future growth.

Health Care Facility Planning & Design

Hospitals are being highly complex and labor intensive organization nowadays. The advancements in technological skills and scientific knowledge rise expectations of the patients. The exponential escalation in cost of construction and constraint of resources have thrown challenges to all experts involved directly or indirectly with hospital to develop ways for effective utilization of all resources without compromising the quality of service and at the same time providing maximum facilities to the patient.

Health Care Services Planning, Design & Implementation

We have accomplished successfully the planning, design & implementation of the following services.

  • Bio-medical waste management
  • Mortuary
  • Laundry
  • Kitchen
  • Pharmacy/Chemist
  • Bio-medical Equipment
  • Central Sterile Supplies
  • Information system & Computerization

Health Care System Development & Implementation

We have successfully corroborated our skill and knowledge in developing & implementing hospital operating systems.

  • Computerization/Hospital Software
  • Management & Patient Information System
  • Medical Records, manual/computerized
  • Plant & Equipment Planning, Management and Maintenance
  • Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) Functional Systems
  • Indoor Patient Department (IPD) Ward management
  • Diagnostics Services Systems, Planning & Management
  • Telemedicine Service, Planning & Management
  • Linen & Laundry Services
  • Sterilization & Disinfections & Infection Control
  • Hospital Standards developments quality systems implementation & licensing/ certification/accreditations

Medical & Non-Medical Equipment Management

Medical Equipment

We develop competency in identification of medical equipment with detailed specifications to avoid delays, cost over-runs and purchase of inappropriate equipment. We offer expert opinion and advice on equipment purchase, price negotiation and maintenance contract, based upon our in-depth technical and financial analysis.

Non-Medical Equipment

Extended information of hospital/medical equipment, built-up over the period, enables the company to provide relevant information on price/quality analysis, facilitating competitive procurement.

Information Technology Systems

Since last few decades, health care industry has absorbed the technological developments at a very rapid pace to make it cost effective and improve its reach. Innovations such as computer based hospital information systems, medical records, decision support systems, health information networks, telemedicine, real time imaging transfers and latest methods of distributing health information to consumers have affected the quality, cost and accessibility to health care services. The fast and easy approach to health care related information has changed the traditional relationship between the doctor and the patient.

Operational efficiency at hospitals is increasingly becoming dependent on degree of computerization. KHMC integrates the desired level of computerization right from patient registration, diagnosis and treatment records, inter-departmental data transfer, LAN to patient invoicing. Smart Card/chip technology is being used for patient data management.

Appliances, Furniture/Fixtures and Consumables

Laboratory, kitchen & laundry, vans, ambulances, furniture and fixtures etc. are also being procured in accordance with specifications, approved by the customer.

Management & Organizational Development

We create practical manpower planning considering aspects of shifts, productivity, positioning, multi-task, multi-skill, number of persons, etc. in medical, Para-medical and non-medical areas based on the organizational structure.

We provide assistance in the areas of selection, recruitment, compensation, organization and motivation of employees.

We assist in the preparation of policies and procedures, preparing quality and operation manuals of the hospital.

We provide assistance in the training and development programs.

We help to strengthen core competencies and build partnerships/tie-ups with other hospital.

Project Management

We monitor all services using the best technical manpower at site and office, during project implementation; ensure that the project progress is in accordance with the approved plan, both in physical and financial terms. Problems arising during the various stage/phases of implementation can be identified and promptly addressed for timely corrective action, to avoid/control any time and/or cost over-runs.

Supervision also ensures the standards prescribed are being followed during the project implementation. We use modern management techniques and methods to achieve quality, cost-affectivity and best resource usage.

Quality & Accreditation

We help health care organization for achieving ISO/international Certification and Accreditation through International Accreditating Organizations. We help health care organization implementing quality systems and evaluating hospital services and systems. We also help organization identifying areas requiring improvement, and determine solutions in assessing impact of these areas on the overall system functioning and outcome.