About Us

Krishna Hospital Management Consultancy (KHMC) is a growing hospital and health consulting in the field of Health and Hospital Infrastructure planning, design, architecture, engineering and management.

KHMC is a professionally managed consultancy specializing in hospital and healthcare. It started in the year of 2000 as a Health & Hospital Infrastructure and Management consultancy firm, visioned, established, and managed by Dr. Bharat Mandlik who has been at the forefront of hospital and healthcare management since 1991, along with a team of Healthcare and allied professionals.

KHMC is supported in its initiatives and efforts by experienced and reputed experts (like Architects, Engineers of all discipline, Public Health Expert, Bio Medical Engineer, Clinical Experts, Quality Experts, Managements of all discipline, etc.), who have successfully undertaken health, hospitals and other infrastructure projects ranging from small nursing homes to large hospitals. KHMC has no technical association with any contractor, manufacturer and/or suppliers.

KHMC is associated with a number of reputed hospitals, consultants and consultancy organizations and thus can draw upon qualitative and latest expertise as and when required.

As medical technology is highly dynamic and keeps changing with the technological advances and the needs of the customers, KHMC with its continue in-house research and quality improvement efforts always endeavor to be forefront with it and thus is able to provide the customer qualitative, cost effective and comprehensive solutions.